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omg !!!! everything is comming apart!!!!

ok so tiffer told me this story on how he talked to this guy "LIKE BRYANT" not "BRYANT", "LIKE BRYANT" !!!!! and this guy was joking around with being bi so i was stupid told the story wrong to nathan and he told it wrong to of all people "BRYANT" !!! ahhhh sooo bryants of course mad calls crystel yells at her telling her "I" called him a "FAG" and i havent even talked to him, then also threatening ""TO BEAT TIFFER UP " ,TIFFER was mad at me and the enitre time I HAD NO IDEA WHAT WAS GOING ON !!!!!!!!! sooo now i gotta try to figure everything out when i didnt even do much wrong but EVERYONE IS MAD AT ME AND DOESNT WANT TO TALK TO ME !!!! ahhhhh NO ONE IS LISTENING !!!!!!! i've written everyone notes,made phone calls and sent emails but no one will help me figure this out ahhhh none of my "SO_CALLED FRIENDS HAVE MY BACK EVEN THO IM ALWAYS THERE FOR THEM !!!!"
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