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today sux,now last night !!!!!

hey everyone !!
im soooo bored summer school was ok but jenna and i gotinto a fight over retarded things and imm so tierd of me being the only one to tell her the truth im always blamed for making fun of her or hrting her feelings when she has no idea people feel worst then i do ! ahhhhhh again anyway but last night dani came and surprised me and pulled me out of bed to hang out outside andbe really loud me neighbors love us im telling you. lots of love on my street now . soo ya again i try to talk to dani and she is gone with daniel omg i have to got through the fbi to even say hi omg ! so annoying!!!!
soooo anyway i should be going over to danis house tomorrow if i could accutally talk to her but whatev !! SHE is being controled im telling you!! i have to talk to her im worried and she doesnt even know whats going on !! I while ago i talked to her and i told her that i need her im going thro shit and i need MY BEST FRIEND to talk to !! i need someone and to be honest im soo tierd of being put on HOLD !! I just need to be with her and talk to her and have her understand me like she used too !!!! Whatever later ~~ whoever cares!! thankx ! ginny
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